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First Film



The full film shown at the event will give an insight into Karin's daily struggles due to a rare illness.

It shows how surfing and the ocean offer the energy

to deal with her challenges and bring happiness.


Interviews are held with former Surf World Champion Pauline Menczer, 

pro-surfers Danny Wills and Ozzie Wright,

health professionals, neighbours and more.


Click below to see a clip about A previous event

Q&A with Layne Beachley

Noosa Festival of Surfing 2021






Performers in Several Screening Events

Delta Kay opened the event with her 'Welcome to Country'.

Former Surf World Champion Pauline Menczer presented her experience with Karin.


Singer and Song Writer Mandy Hawkes painted a musical picture of Karin's situation.


Karin shared her own thoughts about her story and

at the end the audience had the chance to participate

in a Question and Answer session with Karin.



Delta Kay


Pauline Menczer


Mandy Hawkes

Spotify name: Mandy Hawkes

Spotify song played at event: Waiting for the Sun

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