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Support for Karin

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In 2019, I came to a point where I suddenly hit the limit and did not know anymore how to get through. Start of winter, after already have turned allergic to my shelter, my sleeping gear and my clothes and most of the food, I also turned allergic to all drinking water which I could get in the remote spot I was living.

Every time I drank (and I had to drink enough as I was in the desert) I had an allergic reaction. I was in continuous extreme pain and my brain was hardly working anymore.

When I then got the email that my application to the National Disability Insurance got denied again, despite all the supporting evidence from many health professionals and other helpers, I felt I could not get through this alone anymore, drowning more and more in financial debts just to find ways to survive, sleeping on the ground under a tarp in the desert.

I felt there was only one thing - but the best thing I had left - to fall back on: my friends and family. So I reached out and the support I got was unbelievable and gave me so much energy that I could pick myself up and despite the pain kept going and finding solutions.

"With help from
my mother, my brother and my friends
the film project emerged
which turned my health around"

Donate for Second Documentary Tour

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IMPORTANT: Select 'SURVIVING TO THRIVING in Donation Preferences.

The first documentary has given me the support I needed to survive and to find ways to get healthy. The second documentary is keeping this momentum going and tells my story towards a healthier life  in more detail. The screenings of this second documentary called "Surviving to Thriving"  will enable me to work again in education and going to schools and organisations to tell my story. It is tax deductible donation, please select from the donation preferences our project SURVIVING TO THRIVING.

Your own idea:


The reason I have found many ways of coping is with the help of people knowing of my challenge.


They used their personal specialised knowledge and skills to suggest solutions.


You might have an idea, so please tell me about it with the Contact Form here


Thanks for submitting!

Many friends listed below already helped me practically or financially in the areas I need most support in.

Electric Bike

Karin can avoid car travel and petrochemical fumes thanks to Alice Moffett, Andrea & Christa Zuffellato, Farley, Heath Summers, Roger Wirz. 

Safe Fabrics

Thanks to Julieann Smith, Joc Evans, Marion Haeni, Ruth Breeze, Christine Klemens for providing quality fabrics that stop bacteria growth


Physio Therapy, Chiropractor, Homeopathy,  and more help Karin to feel and get better thanks to Esther Meissner, Regula Lippuner

Doctor Visits

Help Karin pay for the medicare gap payment 

Thanks to Michael Stadler


Support with electric devices for communication and practical help to enable Karin to communicate with the right people has been given by Alice Moffett, Andrea Piga, Bettina Schneider, Caz Cave, Christa Kamm-Sager, Heidi Roeckle, Jane Collins, John Comer, Keeda Scully, Pablo Stadler, Pauline Menzcer, Ric Oliveira, Rita Daetwyler, Sandi Middelton, Serap Duran, Valentina Gombi

Medication & Supplements

Help Karin purchase the medicaiton & supplements she needs to stay healthy. Thanks to Bec Smollen, Dani Sarina, Joc Evans, Kirsty Young, Mandy Hawkes 

Removal of Contaminated Objects

Benny Freeman, Jane Collins, Kristy Young, Pauline Menzcer, Sam Endell, Steve Hawkes, Tiwi Mitai, Willow and Olive Hardy, Willow Hawkes 


Help has been given to drive for Karin or to finance her travels thanks to Bec Shuttleworth, Beth Edwards,  Caroline Ruckli, David and Janenne Jennings, Joc Evans, John Comer, Kel Chapman, Maddi Powell, Mandy Hawks, Marco Keller, Sali Bracewell, Sapoty Brook,  Serena Adams, Sheree Dixon,  Steve Hawkes, Taeko Ilzuka Valentina Gombi

Start of Film Project

The idea that I should publish my story has been suggested many times in the last few years. I never felt ready for it. But when I realised how people from the outside just could not comprehend what I am going through and how insurance workers did not see the emergency state I was in, I felt a documentary might help.


As soon as we started planning for the documentary, I realised what a positive effect it had and how people suddenly took my illness serious without much more explanation. 

Website Project

The Swiss website was created by Rita Dätwyler to raise funds for the documentary. I got involved in the process of making the website and it was a great and rewarding experience. It helped me to connect with important people in the health industry and to start talking to people about my challenge. You are reading the second website on the English net now, created by Alice Moffett, and I am glad you do :)


The following companies and their staff have helped me in an exceptional way by providing me with reduced or free products. As an extremely sensitive person I can really feel quality and positive effect on my health of those products. The following names stand for that!


SilverHealth Australia

Joel Fitzgerald Surf Boards

Sheila Bikinis

Global Rippel Op Shop

Peter G's Seasoap

Stik Grip 

Mark Plater (Maddog)

Byron Ding Repair Bruce BDR

Shaz and Baz Suffolk Park

Summerland Scooters

Wallien Wetsuits

I also experienced a clear improvement of my wellbeing through the services and support of the following organisations and their engaged people:

Amara Hurst Psychology

David Holllingsworth Homeopathy

O'Meara Dental 

Jenny Boggis surfcoaching

Let's go Surfing

All Girls Surfriders Lennox Head


Thank you

The only way I have survived the extreme challenges thrown at me is by feeling the support and getting the practical help of so so many. You possibly have helped me too in some kind of way. Below a list of those individuals who have invested hours of volunteer support and work for me. And also those who have done an exceptional action which has given me the energy or opportunity to push through something very threatening.

The help I received since the first documentary was screened is incredible and there I had to stop listing names, as there are soooo many helpers :)

Aaron Bethel

Alex John

Alexa Nehter

Alice Aerne

Alice Moffett

Aliq SIbolang

Amara Hurst

Andrea Piga

Andrea Griffin

Andrea Taylor

Andrea Zuffellato

Andrew Banner

Andrew Blackwell

Andy Homan

Anthea Amore

Asha Burkett

Barbara Allenspach

Barbara Rinderknecht

Barrie McKinnon

Bec Shuttleworth

Ben Jones

Ben Kain

Benny Freeman

Berti Hofer

Beth Edwards

Bettina Schneider

Blake Whittaker 

Bob Walker

Bonnie Firth

Bree Lester

Bronwyn Jezza

Brook Cunningham 

Carmen Kolisnyk

Cassandra Colman

Cat Wolkov 

Caz Cave

Cheryl Wachholz

Chris Rolls

Chrissie Klemens

Christa Kamm-Sager

Christa Zuffellato 

Cian Salmon

Claire Peck

Clay Farley 

Colleen Mason

Corrie Gielen Gielen

Craig Evans

Däni Widmer

David Hollingworth 

Diana Seegal

Diane Rowe

Doug Kolisnyk 

Delta Kay

Eamon Larkin

Eli Mussellati 

Emma Bracken

Ennis Luttu

Esther Meissner

Fabienne Wipf

Gabi Steindl

Gene Hardy

Gian Peter Ochsner

Grace Hawkins

Greg Smith

Heidi Roeckle

Heidi Stewart

Harriet Park 

Harry Larard 

Ian George

Irene Davie

Isaac Seegal

Isabel James

Jack Marshall

Jane Collins

Janenne Jennings

Jason Tincey 

Jason Watts

Jeni Cavanagh

Jennifer John

Jenny Boggis

Jess Gilmore

Joanna James

Joc Evans

Jody Eckert

Joel Forsyth 

John Comer

John Pene Fonmosa 

Joinedile Duncan

Josh Edward

Julieann Smith

Jyoti Walker

Kain Holt

Karin Wagner

Katie Hookings

Keeda Scully

Keith Kolisnyk

Kel Chapman

Kim Carey

Krispy Lions

Lesley Walker

Liam Correy 

Linda Bird 

Loz Bright

Lucy Graham

Ludovic Messager 

Luke Herbert-Funk

Maddi Powell

Mandy Hawkes

Marco Keller

Maria Kallas

Maria Valenzuela 

Mark Soward

Markus Dätwyler

Martin Soom

Martina Gnädinger 

Mary Farley 

Mary Sanfilippo 

Matias Romani

Matt Kolisnyk 

Maz Pentecost 

Mellory Sgro

Megan Evans

Mercedes Deceasing de Miquel

Meredith Baylis

Michael Stadler

Michael WIlliams

Michelle Watson

Michi Ochsner

Mike Graham

Min Giffard

Neil Cameron

Nicky Martins

Nina Carroll

Nick Carter

Olive Hardy

Oscar Serrallach

Pauline Menzcer

Pete James

Peter Evans

Peter Rowe

Phoebe Ladlow

Phil Ladlow

Philipp Bauer

Philippa Caddow

Rachel Coulter 

Ramon Rüegg

Ric Oliveira 

Rita Dätwyler 

Rob Fenech

Roger Wirz

Roswitha Schärli 

Rut Ochsner

Ruth Breeze

Sali Bracewell 

Sally George 

Sam Bright

Sam Endell

Sam Capps 

Samuel Hauri

Santiago Santi 

Sandi Middelton 

Sarah Hart 

Scott Mckinnon

Sean O‘Shea 

Serena Adams

Sharon Ferguson 

Seif Attia

Sheree Dixon

Stephen Moyes

Steve Hawkes

Sue Evans

Sunee Muller Bethel

Sunny Hardy

Taeko Iizuka

Tess Brown

Tim Calder

Tommy Trigwell

Tori Monaro

Tracy Evans

Unmani Burckhardt

Urs Lippuner 

Uschi Bolt

Valentina Gombi

Valentina Onega

Vicky Woller

Walter Bolt

Walter Schärli

Willow Hardy

Willow Hawkes

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